About Us and Our Business

One of my manager’s described me as Quietly Hilarious, and the name stuck. I began planning and coordinating events and weddings in 2002. No event is too small or too big for me. I love to capture your special moments. We are a hospitality-oriented company that works hard to exceed expectations. We would love to hear from you. Quietly Hilarious strives to offer affordable pricing to fit any budget. We are based out of Medford, Oregon and serve Oregon and the far northern California area. We are willing to travel to make your special day even more special.

The Photo Booth
We have a state of the art photo booth that can be set up as a canopy booth or open air. I like both, but my husband and most clients like the canopy. I like the amount of people who can fit in the booth. When creating my business, I searched high and low for the booth that would be perfect. I found a versatile booth with great lighting. I love my props. I include them at no extra charge. I love events. The photo booth is my favorite, and I love how people enjoy it.
If people do something that I have never seen before they receive a Quietly Hilarious pen. There is not a lot we haven’t seen though. We love our clients and their guests.

The Photography

We specialize in wedding, engagement, family, event, and portrait photography. While we dabble in landscape and real estate photography, it is not a specialization.
About the Photographers
My name is Natalie. I got my first camera for selling Girl Scout Cookies when I was in the second grade. I started with film and still loves using it. I studied photography at Lake Tahoe Community College. I focused on film and darkroom. I continue to study and learn more and more. My goal is to exceed expectations, capture beauty and provide lasting memories. I shoot with Nikon and has for over 12 years. The first wedding I captured was back in 2004. I first started in the wedding business in 2002. I fell in love with weddings. I love the love and the beauty that is part of every wedding.
More about me:
I love my wonderful husband and my step-children.  I am an alpine skier. I started when I was four years old. I never stopped. I am a ski instructor in the winter. I am a professional certified instructor and love speeding down the mountain, the faster, the better. I coach soccer, and I have certifications in that too.
I enjoy singing in my car with the radio blasting. I am very quiet and timid at first, so I never sing in front of people. I am not a fan of attention.
I love salad and ice cream. Ask me any day of the week what I want to eat, and it is salad. Abby’s is my favorite Oregon salad bar, because of the pickles. I tried to have a salad bar at my wedding, but my mom vetoed it.
The other photographer is my husband, Myles!
Myles began photography in high school. He studied photography at Colorado Christian University. Prior to entering the wedding photography and photo booth business, he owned a limo company in Sonoma County. He met his wife and relocated. Together they started this company. He is a photographer, notary, Minister, an EMT, and Fire Fighter. Everything a person needs for a wedding rolled in one.
More about me:
I love my wife and my children. We have two boys and a girl. I love animals, especially dogs, and horses. We have a corgi and a lab mix. We have chickens, guinea pigs, and ferrets. I am a western cowboy. I love the country and GMC trucks.
Additional fun facts, I have a class A driver’s license. I had driven over a million miles before I stopped commercial driving. I was Firefighter of the Year in 2013 and 2012 for the Montague Fire Department. I love to scuba dive and have my certification.
My wife believes I am the BBQ master. If I haven’t mentioned that I love her, I will again. I work hard to make all her dreams come true.

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