Tuesday Monday Migraine

Phillip Stein


My Aunt lent me the Horizon Bracelet to see how I would react to the technology. The Horizon Bracelet technology that may help to improve focus
and cope with stress.  Would it help my migraine problem?  I have worn it for almost a month straight without taking it off.  I think you are supposed to take it off at night, but I wear it all the time because I have the problem of getting migraines in the early morning.  I would wake up in pain.

I have had one migraine, which is a miracle, since putting on the bracelet.  Some people think it is a snake oil type thing, but I have to say I am going to be sad to give it back since I feel that it has made a difference in my pain level.

If you do not know my story, I suffer from chronic migraines.  I have so many migraine triggers, including but not limited to, sleep, food, physical activity, heat, sweating, lighting, changes in weather, and more.  I walk on eggshells to try to avoid getting migraines.  I have to live differently from others because of the chance that I could have that pain come back.  I would have migraines that would last nine days before I met my first Neurologist who gave me a preventative.  I thought it was amazing because for the first time in my life I did not need to get ten hours to sleep.  I could get eight hours and be fine.  I could eat and exercise again.   I still got terrible migraines, but I was able to find out what foods triggered them while taking the medication.  I am now on Lyrica and Verapamil.  I am going to have to give up Verapamil because I do not have health insurance so I cannot afford the testing needed to continue with it.   Both medications help me deal with pain.  But I would still get a migraine each week.  So now, my Aunt tells my parents to give this to Natalie to try, tell her to document what happens.  I was skeptical but thought why not I am willing to try anything that might work.  From August 7th to September 5th, I have had one migraine related to my hormones.  I am impressed with the Horizon Bracelet.  To learn more check out the products below.  I am not associated with Philip Stein, nor do I benefit financially from this product.  My goal to simply to help others who live like me due to genetics and heredity find options.  horizon


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