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Phillip Stein


My Aunt lent me the Horizon Bracelet to see how I would react to the technology. The Horizon Bracelet technology that may help to improve focus
and cope with stress.  Would it help my migraine problem?  I have worn it for almost a month straight without taking it off.  I think you are supposed to take it off at night, but I wear it all the time because I have the problem of getting migraines in the early morning.  I would wake up in pain.

I have had one migraine, which is a miracle, since putting on the bracelet.  Some people think it is a snake oil type thing, but I have to say I am going to be sad to give it back since I feel that it has made a difference in my pain level.

If you do not know my story, I suffer from chronic migraines.  I have so many migraine triggers, including but not limited to, sleep, food, physical activity, heat, sweating, lighting, changes in weather, and more.  I walk on eggshells to try to avoid getting migraines.  I have to live differently from others because of the chance that I could have that pain come back.  I would have migraines that would last nine days before I met my first Neurologist who gave me a preventative.  I thought it was amazing because for the first time in my life I did not need to get ten hours to sleep.  I could get eight hours and be fine.  I could eat and exercise again.   I still got terrible migraines, but I was able to find out what foods triggered them while taking the medication.  I am now on Lyrica and Verapamil.  I am going to have to give up Verapamil because I do not have health insurance so I cannot afford the testing needed to continue with it.   Both medications help me deal with pain.  But I would still get a migraine each week.  So now, my Aunt tells my parents to give this to Natalie to try, tell her to document what happens.  I was skeptical but thought why not I am willing to try anything that might work.  From August 7th to September 5th, I have had one migraine related to my hormones.  I am impressed with the Horizon Bracelet.  To learn more check out the products below.  I am not associated with Philip Stein, nor do I benefit financially from this product.  My goal to simply to help others who live like me due to genetics and heredity find options.  horizon



Special Photography Project

In October 2016, my community lost an amazing young man.  He was responding to a call when his life was taken.  My community mourned the loss of this young man.  As we work to heal, the Hopkin family came up with an idea to honor his memory.  I would like to take photographs of current serving Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters, and First Responders in Siskiyou, Modoc, and Northern Shasta County.  I would love for this to become a tradition to honor his life and sacrifice and continue service to those who serve us.  The Hopkin’s family is sponsoring and supporting this project in memory of their beloved.  May 2.17


Rules, They Say

This blog post is not meant to be negative in any way. Many people have different capture styles. I have been studying photography and become a huge critic. I am going to talk about my pet peeves and hopefully provide a bit of information about how to take a great portrait.
1. Crooked Horizon Lines
Nothing to me is more distracting than a crooked horizon line. I work very hard to make sure all my horizon lines are straight. The other issue I have is when the horizon line cuts the head off. Watch your horizon line. Photography rules created by the founders: Horizon lines should not be in the middle of the photograph, not meant to chop off heads, and should be straight. Of course, there are times rules can be broken, but be careful. Example:


I hate to say bad things about this photo, because I love the bride and groom.  I love this moment they are having and the love between them.  I love this photograph, but there are distracting elements.  There is a fence that goes through the head of my beautiful bride and a fence through his neck and a cow between them.  The horizon line is straight, but the fence on a hill is crooked.  It is a difficult photograph to find pleasing to the eye.  This capture is noisy and has issues.  They wanted Mt. Shasta in the background, which I do not blame them.  I love that volcanic legacy.  However, if they ordered this capture I would remove the cow between them and clean up the photo so they would be the stars of the show.
2. Background Issues
Oh my, that might be a great portrait, but there is a tree, pole, column, flag pole, or telephone pole coming out of their head. When finding that perfect location for the session, check what could be coming out of their heads. I admit I have taken photographs and looked back and become disappointed when I see I have provided them with antlers. I have taken portraits where a horizon line might be coming out of the mouth. Always check the background.14883439_588766984644661_4873479936600583822_oIn this photo, I should have removed the tree hat.  The tree coming out of the top of her head, which is distracting to me.  I can go back and take off the tree hat and crop this into the rule of thirds. I do the love the clouds and the mountain behind my beautiful friend.
3. Noise
How busy is the photograph? Is the subject the attraction in the photograph? Did you take a great photograph but there is a garbage can or trash in the photo? All of these questions are great to ask when composing a shot. I like to keep my subject or subjects the star of the show. 13443319_531863037001723_3237528019244916421_o I love this couple.  I have to admit, this is not the best shot of a cake cutting.  Notice all the noise in the background and the person in her veil.  Plus this is a pull from Facebook so the quality is low.  But the point is all the noise in the background and if I went to the other side or another angle I could have eliminated some of the noise.

4. Chopping off Limbs
Be a photographer, not a surgeon. Nothing ruins a photograph more than cropping off a hand, foot, ear, arm, forehead, etc. There are safe places to crop, but then there are edits that destroy a photograph. Be careful as you capture and crop.


In this photograph the focus was on her feet, I did chop off her upper body to see what it would look like.  I felt awful for chopping her in half, but I was experimenting, which is okay.

download (8)
5. Understand the Rule of Thirds
This rule is the beginning of photography composition along with patterns and symmetry. There is another capture that is the Fibonacci sequence. That is a fascinating capture with a continuous pattern found in nature. But I digress. The rule of thirds “The most fundamental of all photography rules is all about dividing the capture into nine equal parts.” https://digital-photography-school.com/rule-of-thirds/

download (1) Fibonacci Sequence


Thank you!
Sometimes rules can be broken, but if you are looking to be great, it is important to know and use the rules. I have been studying photography for years. I love photography, and it serves as one of my passions. My focuses are portraits, families, events, and weddings. I love capturing weddings. I hope you enjoyed my blog.