You are beautiful!

I work hard to attract clients. I would love to photograph you. The ideas that I have for your session will blow your mind. I draw what I want to accomplish in your session. I create props and clothing options just for your session. I become excited to capture the beauty that is you.
Then I hear:
“Wait until I lose ten pounds.”
“I do not like how I look right now.”
“I am just trying to slim down, but when I lose the weight, I will call you.”
“I just feel too ugly.”
“I hate my face.”
“I am too old.”
And more comments about appearance.
These negative comments and how we can view ourselves breaks my heart. I thought you were beautiful enough to say you should order my photography. This comment was not out of greed. I was excited about the beauty that is you. I believe there is beauty in all body types. I love size and beauty diversity.
Why I believe it is important to photograph often.

Don’t you want to be remembered and provide your family and their future family with prints they can cherish for generations? Maybe I am a little different. I am a photograph hoarder. I have all the photos I took when I got my first camera in second grade. I have photographs that date back to my Great Great Aunt. Her hair had just grown back after typhoid fever. She wanted to take a picture of her with the new hair. Imagine, if she did not like her body and decided not to have the photo session. I would not have known anything about her. I would never have seen her, but I have that photograph to pass on to future generations.
Photograph often, capture memories and preserve them in prints.
I would love to be your photographer and show you what I see when I look through the lens at the beautiful you.